CafeSquad OnDemand Help, Marketing, WebSite and Applications for Restaurants

CafeSquad Products

CafeSquad provides a subscription based access to portal and applications to restaurant owners with a comprehensive set of mandatory digital marketing services. CafeSquad provide On Demand help to restaurant owners, engage customers using the web, mobile and social media. CafeSquad builds long term customer relationship for restaurants using Loyal Club, Daily Specials and Social media. CafeSquad increase revenue from online ordering, catering orders, reservations and cost control using OnDemand help.

Instant Staffing App

  • CafeSquad staffing app help in instant hire as per need, CafeSquad also train restaurant staff. This is a one step process that can help restaurants hire a delivery staff, waiters and waitresses, chefs and managers.

    ● Instant restaurant staff hiring as per need
    ● Cut down on over staffing and increase profits
    ● Rate and review rating of the hired staff in CafeSquad app

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Loyal Customers Club

  • One of the the key feature that we built into your digital presence is the ability for the loyal customer to sign up we get their email you get their name you get their cell phone.

    ● Integrated App and Online Customer Engagement
    ● Automatic Alerts, Email and Notifications
    ● Customizable Rewards system

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Online Order App

  • CafeSquad’s restaurant online ordering system is different from other online restaurant ordering systems because our goal is to maximize the restaurant owner’s profits.

    ● Pay fixed cost instead of commission
    ● Don’t pay your profit share Increase your profit
    ● Email, Fax, SMS, Tablet and Phone call Notification of Order

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Manager’s Dashboard and Mobile App

  • The CafeSquad’s restaurant website development is backed by power of the CafeSquad Dashboard and CafeSquad App whether its template based on custom restaurant website development.

    ● Handle customer engagement from single app
    ● Easy to user website and mobile app
    ● Enables pay for use restaurant digital marketing platform

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CafeSquad Services

CafeSquad portal and applications help restaurant owners increase revenue by engaging with customers and getting on demand help for the restaurants including: OnDemand Help and Hiring Instant Digital Promotion of Coupons, Happy Hours, Daily Specials and Events Loyal Customers Club Fully Customized WebSite and Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing, SEO, Reviews and Reputation Management Unlimited Online Orders, Customer Reservations and Catering Inquiries Specials, Coupon and Promotion via Email, Text and Fax

Fully Customized WebSite

  • The website that will be created for you will be cutting edge with the menus laid out in a beautiful format. The website is mobile-friendly as we know most people access your website from their mobile phone.

    ● Website Fully Integrated with Social Media
    ● Best Restaurant Website Design Principles are Applied
    ● Quality Images and Content used with Mobile & SEO Friendly Techniques


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Search Engine Optimization

  • CafeSquad focuses on making sure your website shows up when people are searching for the food that you serve in your locality in your local area the page titles the descriptions .

    ● We apply proven SEO best practices covering PCs, Tablet and Smartphones
    ● Specialization Localized Search
    ● Overall reviews and reputation management on social media

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Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing for restaurants is must in today’s competitive market. CafeSquad is very creative and innovative in restaurant social media marketing.

    ● Certified Experts to help plan and manage social media campaigns
    ● Real-time data analytics and analysis with ROI assessment
    ● Enhanced social media presence plugged into out existing presence

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Email and Text Marketing

  • CafeSquad offers a unique restaurant email marketing solutions based on customers database created by local marketing campaigns, loyal customer club and BiteCart. Our restaurant email marketing services have proven instant change in number of reservations and orders.

    ● Pay for use model for Email and Text based Advertising
    ● Extensive existing and new customers database
    ● Opt-In and Opt-Out option for customers.

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CafeSquad mission is to provide OnDemand Help for Restaurant Owners via Digital Solutions powered by Web, Social Media, Apps and AI. CafeSquad provides a subscription based digital solution to increase revenue for the restaurant owners by cutting down expenses on customer acquisition and online orders, getting on demand help and connecting with customers. CafeSquad offers features to make life of restaurant owners easier via our Web and Mobile Application. Our goal is to help the restaurant owners achieve their revenue goal utilized our bundled service packaged and help them grow their business. Easy to use features of CafeSquad along with OnDemand help from our support team makes CafeSquad an ideal solution for restaurant owners.