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Middle Eastern Feast

Chicken Shawarma
Includes: Bases, Toppings, Sauces and Sauces
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$15 Per Person

Halal Package

Rice   Chicken Biryani, Veal Biryani, Chicken Pulao,Veal Pulao
MEAT CURRIES   Chicken Qorma, Chicken Karahi, Chicken White Karai,
DESSERTS   Kheer, Gulab jamun, Carrot halwa, Mango delight
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$7 Per Person

Sandwich Package

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich
Beef Barbecue Sandwich
Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
Oven Fried Chicken Sandwich
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$10 per person

Vegetarian ( Indian)

1 Veg Appetizer
2 Veg Main Course
1 Dal
1 Bread
1 Dessert Basmati Rice
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$12 Per Person

Non - Vegetarian ( Indian)

Gravy, Heat/Seafood
Cucumber Salad,
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$9 Per Person

Mediterranean Package

Gyros   Lamb, Chicken,Falafel sandwich and choice of side of hummus or dolmades
Mediterranean Plate   Lamb or Chicken over Rice with Tzatziki, Tomato, Parsley & Onion and Pita
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$12 per person

Wrap Lunch Box

Each box have half wrap, apple, choice of side, dessert and drinks.
Price : $18 / Per Person

Taco Bar Package

Meat, rice, beans & taco shells, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, chip, salsa
Price : $12 / Per Person

Hot Bar Package

choices of meat, rice & beans, pico de gallo,corn, salsa verde...
Price : $13 / Per Person

Hot Buffet

Entree of your choice, salad, starch & dessert with assorted beverages.
Price : $17 / 10 Person

Maggiano Packages

Your choices of pasta, Entree, salad and ciabatta rolls.
Price : $330.00 / 16 Person

Lunch Box

Choices of sandwich, Bread type, Fruit, Snack, and drinks and desserts
Price : $12 / Per Person

Shorti Box

Your Choices of hoagie and chips, chocolate chip cookie and drinks.
Price : $13 / Per Person

Hoshis Tray

Tray contains rolls, sushi, rainbow rolls, Red dragon, spicy..
Price : $17 / 10 Person

Deluxe Lunch Box

Box contains sandwiches and/or wraps & side, cookie.
Price : $11.00 / 1 Person

D & B Lunch Box

sandwich or wrap, pasta side salad, whole fruit, brownie and drinks.
Price : $17 / 10 Person

Campos Packages

Your Choices of hoagie and chips, chocolate chip cookie and drinks.
Price : $30 / 10 Persons

Wraps Tray package

wraps cut into halves with chips
Price : $67 / 10 Person