10 Food Reasons Seattle Is Winning At Life

  1. TRUTH: The world would be a sadder place without Ben & Jerry’s.
  2. Cape Cod Potato Chips actually come from Cape Cod.
  3. Moxie wouldn’t exist without Maine.
  4. New York might have popularlized the hot dog, but Rhode Island is making them famous.
  5. We gave the country Dunkin’ Donuts.
  6. The Wellfleet Oyster Festival that takes place every year is a testament to our great seafood.
  7. Belgium might have Godiva, but New Hampshire has given us Burdick.
  8. Manhattan doesn’t know a thing about chowder.
  9. Del’s frozen lemonade is the official taste of summer.
  10. The rest of the country might have chocolate milk, and even strawberry milk, but New England has COFFEE milk.
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