Feria de Londres London

This free festival is a celebration of all things Andalusian and is the perfect place for families and groups of all ages.


Friday 24th to 
Sunday 26th May 2019

Inspired by traditional Spanish spring fairs, Feria de Londres is an excellent celebration of Spanish cuisine and entertainment. Such fairs date back to the Middle Ages and have evolved into large regional events over time. Hundreds of locals celebrate the culture of Andalusia, beautifully decorated streets, full of food and beverage stalls, Spanish cities, towns and villages come to life. Feria de Londres will recreate the scenes seen in the local Ferias of Spain. On weekends, entertainments will wear their finest traditional costumes and the festival will be encouraged to attract themselves to the fair as if they were in Andalusia instead of Southwark. During the weekend everyone will have a chance to attend the celebration. From the Sevillana dance lessons to the flamenco rhythm workshops, Feria de Londres will offer family-friendly activities along with activities in the form of face painting, hairstyle, arts and crafts for children.


South Bank,
London SE1 9PH

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