Atlanta's Most Trusted and popular Restaurants

Miller Union

Famous for taste and it's organic way of cooking


Known for simple cooking and excellent food

O4W Pizza

Thick Crust & Cheesy Pizza and best service

Ticonderoga Club

Known for fried rice,fried clam roll and grilled Virginia lamb.

Top Deals

Here are the top food deals cuisines for Atlanta

40% Off

$55 – Southern Art:Dinner from James Beard Award Winner One appetizer,Two entrees,One dessert

Dinner for 2

$79 – Dinner for 2 at Private Downtown Club w/Skyline View $149 for a three-course dinner for four

Dinner & Wine for 2

$129 – Nikolai's Roof Atlanta: Dinner & Wine for 2 2 glasses of wine & much more.

Dinner & Mai Tais for 2

$79 – Trader Vic's: Dinner & Mai Tais for 2, 45% Off Two starters,Two entrees,Two Mai & Two desserts.

Atlanta Dining Passbook

$45 – Atlanta Dining Passbook: 100+ Deals, Reg. $99 $2.99 shipping and handling charge not included

Braves All Star Grill

$5 Off - Beer Towers Get $5 off beer towers at Braves All Star Grill.

Atlanta's Famous Cuisines

We as a whole realize that even terrible pizza is still great, however incredible pizza can be extraordinary. A superbly thin outside with delightful singed bits finished with Italian frankfurter, sweet red peppers, mozzarella, and onions. Pizza essentially doesn't get any more delightful or real than this.

There's nothing on the menu you can get that won't be past everything you could ever hope for a doughnut. Yet, there's something about the A-Town Cream that can't be beat. Possibly it's the consummately rich chocolate, the delicate flakiness of the doughnut itself, or the satiny cream filling. Whatever it is, a doughnut that is a sweet, scrumptious tribute to Atlanta is the one to get.

It's not extravagant, and it shouldn't be. Ms. Ann (RIP) may have gone on to that incredible burger shack in the sky, yet her reality acclaimed burgers are as yet being made and presented with affection. Each nibble is superior to the past one, so you deserve to go eat this.

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