Baked Beans

They do not call it “Bacono”. With the history of serving local American cuisine, slow-rotten beans in the syrup are not only Euro’s times, but even when the city was angry with its “solid trade”. Traditionally served in a small kick, sat on the brown bread side.

Cream Pie

Omni Parker House is the origin of this treat, which distinguishes more as a cake than pie. Sweet custard is layered between yellow margarine cake, and coated with chocolate.


With an Italian neighbor like the Northern Fuel in his city, it is not a big surprise that Boston survives ineffective good and cream archives. Maxually, as a home from the city’s largest pure ions (current day than Mike), Boston knows: how you get them as you get them As delicate.

Roast beef sandwich

Not for the faint of appetite, the area’s roast beef sandwiches are stacked with heaps upon heaps of roast beef. Tradition dictates slices are sandwiched into an onion roll, but rules are made to be broken.It is roasted to medium-rare daily and served on fluffy house-made buns out of an old-school lunchtime takeout window.

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