Miami Famous Cuisines

Chicken ‘n’ watermelon ‘n’ waffles

The combo of chicken, watermelon, and waffles is about as Southern as you can get, that is the reason it’s the fundamental menu thing at this Southern-enlivened eatery. With nectar hot sauce, Vermont sharp cheddar, and Bourbon maple syrup, it fulfills all the taste buds.

Frita traditional

You’re not formally a Miamian until the point when you’ve eaten a frita, the Cubano variant of the American ground sirloin sandwich with papitas (otherwise known as matchstick potatoes) and mystery sauce on Cuban bread.

Stone crabs

On the off chance that you just eat one thing in Miami, it’s gotta be this mellow and sweet neighborhood delicacy. Get it while it’s in season (October to May), and better believe it, go on and wear that face cloth with satisfaction.

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