Quebec Most Trusted and popular Restaurants


Chez Boulay fuses a heap of flavors into dishes that you wouldn't discover somewhere else.


Panache is a conventional French eatery with present day

Pilccolo Sogno

From early lunch to supper, La Buche conveys everything with conventional Quebecois style.

Laurie Raphaël

For refined and innovative dishes and a wide scope of wines and make a beeline for Laurie Raphaël.

Top Deals

Here are the top food deals cuisines for Quebec


$ 47 + tx for 2 people

Le Maizerets

20% discount On a take-away order

Louise Tavern & Wine Bar

$ 59 + tx per person - Taverne Package

Belga Resto-Bar

Free Lunch With the purchase of a dish from the menu of the day.


15% discount on the Discovery menu. Valid Upto 22 September,2019.

Rib Côtes Resto Grill

$ 10 off a tray for 2 to share.Coupon must be presented upon ordering or may be refused.

Quebec Famous Cuisines

Cretons (some of the time gorton or corton, particularly among New Englanders of French-Canadian birthplace) is a forcemeat-style pork spread containing onions and flavors. Because of its greasy surface and taste, it looks like French rillettes. Cretons are typically served on toast as a major aspect of a customary Quebec breakfast. It isn't to be mistaken for "fromage de tête" (tête fromagée in Quebec) or head cheddar.

Tourtière is a Canadian meat pie dish starting from the area of Quebec, normally made with minced pork, veal or hamburger and potatoes.A customary piece of the Christmas and New Year's Eve dinner in Quebec, it is likewise well known in New Brunswick, and is sold in markets over whatever is left of Canada, throughout the entire year.


Poutine is a dish beginning from the Canadian territory of Quebec, comprising of French fries and cheddar curds finished with a dark colored sauce. Poutine ended up celebrated as an image of Québécois social pride, and its ascent in unmistakable quality prompted notoriety outside the region

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