Paris Most Trusted and popular Restaurants

Le Cinq

Christian Le Squer was elected "Chef of the Year" 2016 by the professionals of the gastronomy


Situated in a little road of the 6th region of Paris between the Metro stations Odeon and Mabillon

Restaurant Biscotte

Biscotte offer you a Sustenance Reliant on Fresh Conveyed by Lively Producers.


Epicure has been chosen for the third "Grand Award"in Wine Observer's 2018 Honors

Top Deals

Here are the top food deals cuisines for Paris

Pita Paris

30% off:Set menus and drinks not included. Available on the booked timeslot.

The Family

Special offers are only available by booking online.


Breakfast or full organic early lunch for 2 or 4 individuals from € 17.90 at Gontran

Auberge Notre- Madame

Savoyard fondue for 2 or 4 people with kir au vin from €19.99.

Pizza Hut

1 pizza purchased = 1 pizza offered, in the 15 participating Pizza Hut restaurants for 1 €

Opium The Cabin

2 trays of seafood "Opium" for 2 people at 39 € at the restaurant Opium La Cabane

Paris Famous Cuisines

For the quintessential bistrot dish, steak frites, make a beeline for one of Paris' environmental French brasseries, finish with metal fittings, cloth tablecloths (red gingham discretionary) and savvy, aproned holding up staff. These eateries are so basic to the city's feasting scene, even multi-Michelin-featured cook Alain Ducasse has opened one: Champeaux in Les Halles.

Going out for ramen on a cold or rainy day in New York is a local pastime. The Japanese staple of wheat noodles in a meat or fish-based hot broth is typically flavoured with soy sauce, miso, or garlic oil and heightened with toppings like sliced pork belly, dried seaweed, bamboo shoots and soft-boiled egg.

French President Emmanuel Macron has required the French loaf to be given UNESCO acknowledgment, however numerous Parisian cooks have effectively appointed their loaves with a predominant status. A yearly rivalry to locate Paris' best roll (official title: Fabulous Prix de la Loaf Custom Française de la Ville de Paris) has been running since 1994

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