Qatar Most Trusted and popular Restaurants

The Cellar

Famous for bright lite and casual and relaxed lunch


Famous for Farm veal and purple artichoke with zaatar


Famous for Asparagus, baby carrot, foie gras and truffle

Toro Toro

Always really busy, this brunch starts with an small bites

Top Deals

Here are the top food deals cuisines for Qatar

Choowy Goowy

Order 2 Cookies Boxes Get 1 Box Free (6 pcs each)

Choowy Goowy

Order 2 Cookies Boxes Get 1 Box Free (6 pcs each)

Khan Kabab

2 pieces of chicken seekh kebab ,2 pieces of beef seekh ...

Elite Restaurant

Get 5 riyal qatari off on Business Lunch Offer

Al Banoosh kitchen

Get Free Roasted Shrimp on Every Order

Marhaba Istanbul

Get Free Roasted Shrimp on Every Order with 150 QR

Qatar Famous Cuisines

Harees or Jareesh is a dish of boiled, cracked, or coarsely-ground wheat, mixed with meat. Its consistency varies between a porridge and a dumpling. Harees is a popular dish known in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, especially in the month of Ramadan

Balaleet is a conventional sweet and appetizing dish prominent in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. A mainstream breakfast decision, it customarily comprises of vermicelli improved with sugar, cardamom, rose water and saffron, and presented with an overlying egg omelet. It is some of the time presented with sautéed onions or potatoes

This is a spicy meat and/or vegetable broth. It usually contains lots of tomatoes, aubergine, carrots and potatoes. It can be eaten by itself or you can have it with rice.

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